Glacier, ice and adventure
in the night

Sky high, absolutely unique and utterly intoxicating. The GletscherDorf on the roof of Tirol is many things. Above all, it is a world of ultimate experiences. The air is thinner, the snow whiter and the ice colder than you thought possible. It never rains. But it offers everything else you need for a sophisticated adventure: Pitztal Glacier, millions of years old. And igloos that make it come alive. Made by the master builders of IgluLodge. For mini getaways and maximum views. For overpowering contrasts between fire & ice. And for everyone who gets a thrill from reaching for the stars.

GletscherDorf is an ice hotel, chillout area, fantastic event destination... and the best proof that it's possible to get a natural high.

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Natural High
at 2.850 meters.

Mittelberg 83
6481 St. Leonhard im Pitztal
Tyrol - Austria
46°57’25.4”N 10°52’31.5”E
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